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Catch22 V1 Bolt Catch

The original Catch22 Bolt Catch. Use with S&W or Kriss magazines for best functionality!

$27 / ea

S&W 15-22 Magazine Adapter (Stick on)

Uuse the stock-on adapters to shim each magazine and make them fit properly in a standard AR15 magazine well (one needed per magazine)

$2.50 / ea

S&W 15-22 Magazine Adapter (Clip on)

Use the clip-on adapter to shim the magazine well instead of the magazines (one needed per lower)

$7.50 / ea

Lightened Bolt Catch Spring

Some magazines have a light spring which doesn't always engage the bolt catch well (ex: KRISS Defiance). Use this replacement spring to help your bolt catch function well with all magazines. 

$3.25/ ea

Sorry, we can't ship this outside of the USA!