Finally a solution for your .22lr AR-15 bolt catch 


AR-15 rifles that have been converted to shoot .22lr are a great and inexpensive way to shoot. Unfortunately, when a standard AR-15 is converted to .22lr through a conversion bolt or replacement upper, the bolt catch stops working.


Magazines that hold the bolt open after the last round are a good stopgap but it doesn't offer the same fucntionality as a standard AR and most ranges won't let you leave an empty magazine in your rifle in order to keep the bolt open and show that it's clear.


This is where the Catch22 comes in. The Catch22 is a direct replacement for your standard bolt catch and will work with most common .22lr conversions.


After you have a functioning catch, the next thing you need is a magazine that will engage the bolt catch after the last round is fired. After extensive testing, we have found that the S&W 15-22 magazines are the only magazine that can offer a true last round hold open. This is because the back of the follower has an extension that can hit the bolt catch, and the spring tension is strong enough to engage the catch after the last round is fired every time.


The only thing that needs to be modified on the 15-22 magazines is that there needs to be a small shim placed on the front. This is because the 15-22 magazine well is smaller than a standard AR. We sell delrin shims that you can stick right onto your 15-22 magazines for a quick and easy way to solve this issue.


The bolt catch is compatible with Spike's Tactical, CMMG, and Tactical Solutions dedicated upper receivers and conversion bolts, as well as Ceiner kit conversion bolts.


The catch is NOT compatible with DPMS uppers, Colt bolts, or M261 conversion bolts. Sorry!


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"I tried a competitors adapter (slides into a lower) that was supposed to be the end all answer for a properly functioning LRBHO. It was nowhere close to working and a huge disappointment after all the reading I did to figure out what to order. Your Catch22 worked like a charm though! I now have an awesome (yet tame) training tool for the love of my life to learn with. And I really appreciate that you helped make that happen.
Anyhow just wanted to thank you."